Ozone Based Air Purifiers

What is ozone technology and its use in Air Purfier?

The ozone air purifier generates ozone gas. The ozone gas is formed by adding an extra molecule of oxygen to the two existing molecules and making it O3. This is done through an ionization process and the result is called activated oxygen.

How does ozone technology work in an air purifier?

The air purifier acts as an ozone generator and emits ozone gas into the room. This is done in a very small proportion and within the regulatory limits. This ozone gas effectively kills harmful microorganisms in the air. The ozone changes the chemical composition of the odors and in turn leaves the room with a fresh fragrance. The air particles are charged with positive and negative ions. This helps to gather the dust and other impurities which are then filtered out by the air purifier.

Features of using ozone based air purifiers

One of the most popular benefits of the ozone based air purifier is its ability to remove odors. Most closed environments suffer with the problem of stale air and unpleasant odour. When selecting an air purifier for this kind of environment one needs to consider the essential features required.

Using the ozone based air purifier will help to keep the air in the room sanitized. It will give the room a fresh and clean feeling. Strong odors could result from cooking or the smell of a strong medicine. Chemicals, especially cleaning agents also have a strong odor that makes the room smell unpleasant. In any of these situations or for any other source of strong odor the most effective remedy is an ozone based air purifier. Most of the other technology air purifiers are ineffective when it comes to removing foul odor from a room.

The activated oxygen is also very effective for cleaning out harmful microorganisms. Our air is filled with microorganisms like virus, bacteria, fungus and many others. Most of these microorganisms are harmful and when inhaled can cause respiratory and other dangerous illnesses. The activated oxygen oxidizes these microorganisms and breaks them down into inactive cells. Pollen and other allergens aggravate asthma and other allergies. The ozone air purifier effectively oxidizes these particles and renders them harmless.

Enclosed environments with less air ventilation tend to suffer from the build-up of mildew. Dampness is the leading cause for mould and mildew and is a common phenomenon in closed air conditioned rooms. The Ozone air purifier is the perfect solution to eliminate mould and mildew. Not only does mildew have a foul odor but it is also grounds for causing many health related problems.

The ozone based air purifier is the best remedy for removing smoke. Cigarette smoke is not only harmful but also has a strong odor. Areas that permit smoking can employ the use of ozone air purifiers. This will keep the air sanitized and fresh.

Other Technologies for air purifier

An ozone based air purifier that has an ion generator and a HEPA filter may be a good choice for cleaning the air. The HEPA filter is a high efficiency particulate air filter which is powerful for removing even tiny particles of pollutants. Ion generator helps to charge the particles which attract dust and other pollutants that come together. An air purifier with a fan is more beneficial when it comes to quicker air purification. The only downside with the air purifier fan is that it can be quite noisy. Some people prefer the air purifier without a fan. It does the same job at a slightly slower pace.

Now for the downside! Please be very careful when buying Ozone based air purifiers. Large amounts of Ozone is Toxic in nature. Please use your discretion when buying ozone based Air Purifiers. If there is any doubt, it may be best to avoid ozone based air purifiers for rooms inhabited by living beings. It may be okay to use these air purifiers in empty and vacant rooms.

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