Ionizers and Air Purifiers

The function of ionizers in air purifiers

The function of the ionizers in an air purifier is straight forward. It causes the particles of dust and other impurities to bond together with air molecules. These unwanted substance form larger clusters which are removed by the filters of the air purifiers. The simple theory is that bigger particles are easier to filter out.

What is ionizer?

The ionizer is a plate or surface which is charged electrostatically. In lay man’s term, an ionizer charges the air particles. These electrically charged particles perform the function of attracting other particles unwanted particles. They gather together to form a larger cluster.

How does the ionizer work?

Delving into how air purifiers employ the use of ionizers for cleaning the environment. When the clusters of unwanted particles enter the air purifier it gets detached. The charged air particle is de-ionised to remove the dust and other particles that were bonded with it. The dust and other pollutant particles are attracted to stick on to a plate or are caught by the filter of the air purifier.

Types of ionizer air purifiers

There are mainly two types of ionizer air purifiers – with fan and without fan. Each of the types has its own advantages and disadvantages. In brief the ionizer air purifier with fan draws the air into the purifier for cleaning. The down side of this air purifier is that the use of the fan makes it noisy. The ionizer air purifier without a fan is silent but takes longer to purify the air in the room. It waits for the natural movement of the air in the room to clean it.

Why use ionizer air purifier?

The use of ionizers improves the cleaning ability of the air purifier. It can quickly get rid of dust and ensures clean air and a healthy environment. It is a smart and effective technology. The ionizer in air purifiers come at an extra cost. The effectiveness of the ionizer justifies the additional cost of the product. It is worth paying a little extra money for something that is beneficial and gives a good result.

Benefits of ionizer

The positive and negative particles that are charged by the ionizer have an effect on airborne germs. These charged ions make the microorganism particles inactive and thus they become non harmful.  The greatest plus point is the high level of sanitation in the room with an ionizer air purifier. It helps to reduce the possibility of sickness. Many illnesses are contacted by viruses and bacteria that are existent in the air about us. From a health aspect the ionizer air purifier is a great choice.

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