Panasonic is a Japan based consumer electronics company. Panasonic tagline is ‘A Better Life, A Better World. Panasonic was founded in 1918 and was formerly known as Matsushita.
Panasonic offers a very wide range of Consumer Electronics: refrigerators, washing machines, compressors, lighting, televisions, personal computers, mobile phones, audio equipment, cameras, broadcasting equipment, projectors, automotive electronics, aircraft in-flight entertainment systems, semiconductors, batteries, electrical components, optical devices, air conditioners including air purifiers and more.
Panasonic Air Purifiers claim to be 2.5 micron ready. Their air purifiers serve rooms from 215 sq. ft. to 355 sq. ft. Some Panasonic air purifiers come with HEPA filters while other use other technologies to clean out air and some may even come with humidifiers.

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